Variable Sync Alignment

I recorded my podcast via skype with my friend, Brandon, and our guest Dale. I have only 2 audio tracks that are Brandon and Dale and Dale and I. I mix these two tracks together so the guest’s 2 tracks match up as good as possible and the guest sounds in the center and I am 50% left and Brandon is %50 right.

The issue is that there is a variable lag induced by the skype connection and Dale voice doesn’t sync up perfectly. I want a filter that will take these tracks and line them up with hjgh resolution. Which filter does this? :arrow_right:

I don’t think it has been invented yet.

What would it take to establish this sort of functionality? an I worried to much about this?

Any ideas or thoughts?

Is the link you gave the good copy or the out-of-sync copy?

Are the original “Brandon and Dale” and “Dale and I” tracks mono?

It may be theoretical but if Dale is centre as you describe then you could duplicate your track then isolate Dale on one copy of the track using . Then remove him from the other copy of the track then you can slide the isolated version along using Time Shift Tool (F5) and mix it back in.

Of course you may lose a lot of quality that way.

What do you mean by “high resolution”?