Vamp plugins in Audacity 2.1.2

Hello everybody. I’m trying to use a melody extractor plugin from UPF called Melodia. It’s a Vamp plug-in, so I have: created a vamp folder under Library/Plug-ins; copied all the Melodia files as requested; tried to activate the plugin by means of add plug-in under Audacity. It seems that Audacity doesn’t see this vamp plug-in. I have tried also to use it with Sonic Visualizer which sees it but it doesn’t work well. Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance !

I see that on their website they demo Melodia in Sonic Visualize, so I’d guess that is as good as it gets (

You could try the current 2.1.3 version of Audacity:
I’d suggest that you completely remove your current version of Audacity, including its settings, before installing 2.1.3, so as to eliminate the possibility of old settings interfering with this Vamp plug-in.

Also, see:

Audacity only shows VAMP plugins that have outputs that can be displayed in a label track. Graphs and contours can’t be so represented. So Melodia is not going to appear in Audacity.