V3.4.1 doesn't export multiples with all metadata

Having problems exporting multiple files from 3.4.1. Using it to grab a whole LP and then export each track as a FLAC file. Previous version correctly allocated Album and Artist metadata to each file as its exported, (and asked for confirmation on each track), but 3.4.1 only puts that metadata on the first exported file. Also, the behaviour has changed, in that “Export Multiple” no longer appears as a specific option, only a switch on the Export window. This means that every file has to be post edited for metadata - which is a pain. Thankfully I found the old 3.3.0 in my downloads folder, which seems to behave much more consistently. Anyone got a workaround for 3.4.1?

Also see: v3.4.0 Meta data set default not working on audio export · Issue #5494 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

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