V 3.1.3 Can't record to a new track


I have just installed the newest Audacity (3.1.3) and I have often used Audacity to record several tracks separately while the existing tracks are on mute. And then combine them later.

When I try that in the new version, I find it adds it on the end of the existing track.

Before, it has always recorded the new audio on its own new track from the beginning.

So I made a new empty track, and put the cursor at the start. Then I tried to mute the existing track, but that just made the new track “Solo” and it wouldn’t record.

How do I do it please?

The only way I can see is to combine several Audacity files. There MUST be an easier way!??

It now won’t record at all, even on the same track. (I really wish I hadn’t upgraded it :frowning: )

Thank you

Since it was recording before, Tools > Reset Configuration is likely to restore this ability.

Try: Edit > Preferences > Recording > Record on a new track

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Thank you Jademan, you are fabulous!
:smiley: :sunglasses: