v 2.1.0

OS 10.10.3

I’ve never had a problem with this before this version and it seems rather stupid to ahve to ask this, but…
Although i can see the file I want loading after that I cannot see a Track CP/Audiotrack/Waveform window and I can’t seem to find anything that would control that function.

Sorry about that. If it’s a QuickTime file, see Audacity 2.1.0: FFmpeg required for MP4/M4A/MOV/ALAC import.


Thanks for the reply Gale.
No it’s an iTunes file.

It’s probably the same problem. What extension does the file have after the name and the final dot/period? If it’s MP4 or M4A, then for Audacity 2.1.0 you need to install FFmpeg from http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_installation_and_plug_ins.html#macff in order to import the file.


I didn’t know that the FFmgeg was needed to make those files visible in the program so I’ll take care of that. Which begs the question why do i need to install taht every time the program goes through an update?

Thanks, that did work. I had never made my Magic Track Pad recognize a left click so that was difficult at first. Of course now that I did it once it’s really easy!
The old slowness of finding a file still exists within my iTunes folder. (that was an issue you and I had talked about a while back-if you recall)

Generally you don’t need to, but for 2.1.0, importing files using the “QuickTime importer” is broken. The QuickTime importer handles MP4 and M4A unless FFmpeg is installed. If FFmpeg is installed, then by default, FFmpeg takes MP4 and M4A instead of QuickTime.

As the link says https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/audacity-2-1-0-ffmpeg-required-for-mp4-m4a-mov-alac-import/38209/1 the problem has already been fixed so the next 2.1.1 release will import MP4 and M4A without need of FFmpeg.