UX / UI Team

Hi there Audacity developers and users,

I checked on the forum for the keywords UX, UI, UX / UI, UX UI and found a couple of topics but nothing that I wanted regarding this topic.
Apologies if this is not the correct place to post this but I was just questioning myself if there is an interest to start a small UX UI team on the Audacity project.

The main purose of the UX / UI team would be to enhance Audacity splash screen, logo, user interface, toolbar, skin, buttons, dialog boxes, screens, menu options… etc.

Thank you for your time and patience.


Hi Trebor,

Thank you for your message. It is really interesting to see that we have a channel for uses to express their creativity on the audacity app but I was thinking where users ideas (artwork, icons, splash screens, etc) could be more tangible… like assets that could be used inside of audacity instead of only proposals of ideas.

What do you say?

Thank you.

You’re probably wasting your time redesigning the logo, no matter how good an artist you are,
see … Audacity Logo Redesign - #8 by Trebor

The Audacity team are, at this time, happy with the current Audacity logo. The official logo artwork can be found in the source code:

In particular:


The Audacity name uses signika Bold, with diagonal blue / black gradient.

We are however interested in seeing new ideas from users, hence the “Audacity Artwork and Graphics” forum board: https://forum.audacityteam.org/viewforum.php?f=67

From time to time we do require new artwork, and contributors to the “Artwork and Graphics” board are our first port of call. (The current forum board images came from a forum contributor).

There are currently a couple of pieces of artwork that the team would like to update. The favicons for the manual and the wiki, and the logos in the top left corner of the manual and wiki. They should make use of the current official Audacity logo, but also provide a visual indication of which one is the manual and which one is the wiki.

If you have suggestions for the above, please post to the “Artwork and Graphics” board.

Thank you Steve and Trebor for the explanation and useful links.

I don’t have the pretension to change anything in the project to be honest. I am just wondering if there is a way I can change these couple assets (for myself). Because the Audacity icon, while true that widely recognizable and popular, is very very hard to see in my taskbar in Windows 10, So I would like to try a couple of things (maybe a 1px stroke in it to be more readable in the taskbar? I don’t know! I will give it a try soon).

Will post the subsequent messages related to this topic in the indicated link.

Have a great wekeend guys. Thank you again.