Utilization of the CPU's full potential

I have been noticing that no matter what I put it in process, then the program (not even after the big update) cannot utilize fully the CPU’s full potential. 30% utilization is the best when it’s really hot
why not? It could be good - cause sometimes you waiting Quite a while before some task is ending

sometimes you waiting Quite a while before some task is ending

I think it’s still true that Audacity can only use one CPU, however, that may not be the first bottleneck. Audacity has to perform some filters, effects, and corrections entirely in memory. If you tend toward messy digital hygiene and leave apps napping in the background, or worse actually leave active apps running, Audacity may have to swap work out to the hard drive and that can seriously put a hitch in your speed.

Even worser if you have a spinning metal hard drive instead of an SSD. A guy at work and I had nearly the same laptop except I had the SSD and he had the spinning metal. I had to do a job on his machine and I thought it was broken. “No,” he said. “That’s normal response.”


Fresh OS install, SSD, 16 GB 3600MHz, i7-7700k - The program is only using 20% Cpu-power (peaking). It loads the memory even less. But on the SSD side, there might be a bottleneck - Its hard to say
The SSD is an old Samsung EVO 860 SATA