Using Zoom R8 as an interface to Audacity

Sorry if this is a bit of a newbie question. I’ve searched the forums and checked out the FAQs and haven’t found an answer.

I’d like to be able to record into Audacity using my Zoom R8 recorder/interface. I have followed the instruction in the Zoom manual to connect the device via USB to my Windows 7 PC. It appears to be connected correctly.

I have the Zoom drivers installed.

I’ve launched and I believe I have configured Audacity (2.2.1) correctly to use the device as my input/recording device.

However when I play a guitar through the instrument it isn’t recorded into Audacity. The cursor (if that’s the term) in Audacity seems to flash and stays at the zero mark. I can see the levels properly displaying on the display on the Zoom R8.

I read something about USB devices coming across to Audacity as midi however I don’t think this would be the case with the Zoom as it’s supposed to work as an interface using a USB cable. Of course I’m rather new to all this so I’m not sure.

Has anyone used a Zoom R8 to record into Audacity? Really looking forward to getting my recording setup going.


Stuttering Cursor is a known problem. See if any of this fits.

It’s not MIDI. MIDI is machine control MIDI can tell a keyboard what song to play and exactly how. The Zoom ads claim you should be able to send audio down that cable and your graphic confirms the connection.

I don’t expect this is the case, but check your instructions to see if there’s a switch between sending files back and forth and performing live. Those are two very different USB services. My recorders have this decision.


I’ve never worked with the R8, but I had an R16 a while back. You need to make absolutely shure you have the right driver. Usually, the latest one, sometimes the previous one, depending on your Windows version.

Some drivers used to be only available on the US Zoom site, others on the Japanese Zoom site. It took some searching and experimenting sometimes.

Check that you don’t have “Sound Activated Recording” selected in the Transport menu (near the bottom).

Please post the information from “Help menu > Audio device info”