Using WASAPI to record desktop audio, Error code -9996, Blue Yeti Microphone

I’m trying to do some audio recordings on my PC using the Blue Yeti and Audacity, specifically I want to record microphone audio as well as desktop audio (from Discord). I read on the Audacity website tutorial that in order to enable desktop recording I would need to switch to “Windows WASAPI” as the Host, and to choose the active microphone -in this case (Yeti Classic) (loopback)- as the recording device. In this case, I’m also using the (Yeti Classic) as my playback device as I have a headset connected directly to the microphone for output. I’ve followed the tutorial on the Audacity website exactly, but when I press record I get “Error code: -9996 Invalid device”. I have been Googling this issue for hours trying to find a fix but nothing I’ve tried has worked. So far some of the fixes I’ve tried:

-Changing the recording Channel between Mono/Stereo (neither works)

-Changing the Project Rate (hz) in the Audio Setup>Audio Settings>Quality menu

-Changing the (hz) rate of the audio quality in Windows settings (sound settings>sound control panel>[double click both the recording/playback devices>advanced>default format drop-down] between the two available options (44100hz & 48000hz)

-Making sure the selected (hz) rate matches in both Windows & Audacity, regardless of which I’ve chosen (neither works)

-Attempting to update the drivers for the Blue Yeti & trying all previous options again (I’m pretty sure it was already on the latest version anyway)

-Rescan audio devices like 50 times (usually after each change in Windows) & try again

-Opening up privacy options in Windows (allowing Apps/Desktop apps to access the microphone)

-Checked all physical connections

None of it has worked, nor has any combination of those fixes that I have tried (probably all of them at this point). I also read on the Audacity troubleshooting page that “Due to a Windows limitation, you cannot use WASAPI on a USB device while listening back on an onboard audio card”, however I’m using the same device (Yeti Classic) for both input and output, which is listed as a workaround.

I’m running Windows 10. I’ve included a link below with some photos. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

the issue ended up being caused by the Logitech G-Hub software. it must have been preventing audacity from recognizing the microphone somehow. after i uninstalled it, the issue was cleared. it also changed the name of the device in Windows from “Yeti Classic” to “Yeti Stereo Microphone”

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