using VST effects from

I recently purched a U-control UCA 222 and thier website had an old version of audacity on it and a lot of VST effects including instruments. Can these be used in the effects section and if so how do you install them? or where are they typically used if they can be used? Here is the link where the effects come from: They are a bit older (2006). thanks in advance! :confused:

Behringer offer various software bundles, depending on the product bought. Mostly these are freeware though some bundles include special deals that they have negotiated with the software producers. The software items offered are not necessarily compatible with each other and we have no control over what bundles they offer.

The recommended version of Audacity is the current release version, which is available through the official Audacity download pages:
(currently Audacity 2.0.5). Versions prior to Audacity 2.0 are obsolete and no longer supported.

Audacity has partial support for VST plug-ins, but with certain exemptions. Audacity does not support VSTi (VST Instruments) and does not support “real time” effects or “MIDI” functions.

Instructions for installing VST effects can be found in the FAQ: