Using VAC Virtual Audio Cable

My goal is to use a Synesthesia Mandala Pad, which triggers the Mandala Virtual Brain software, (“VB”) as a midi device to create sound on my computer and then have that sound recorded by Audacity (and heard by me).

I installed the VAC/Virtual Audio Cable program and followed all the steps, and eventually vigured out how to get the VB software to recognice VAC as an output.

Audacity immediately comes up with VAC as a recording input, but I am not able to actually record with this input source chosen. When i hit Record button, i get this popup:
“Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate.”

I am aware this is a semi-common problem, so i have gone through the following forum suggestions to try to fix this, and ALL of the suggestions have not worked for me:


Can someone help try to figure this out? I really want to use Mandala Pads…

I am using a 1 month old Sony VAIO Fit 14, 8GB RAM, i7 Intel processor, 1TB HDD,and the newst Audacity downloaded less than 1 month ago 2.0.3.

Audacity doesn’t speak MIDI, so all the work will need to be sound services.

If the computer is actually creating the sound, then you will need to set up Audacity to “record streaming sound”, or Self Record.