Using Ur44 On Audacity With a Imac

Okay Guys,
Back again except now the issue more fucking frustrating! If that’s possible! Anyways,
Using Imac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and audacity 2.1.2, also tired audacity 2.0.5.,2.0.3., and just for kicks (no actually I thought it might work!) 2.1.0…
So anyways I got the old " Check bit-depth and sample rate" Error message after audacity froze when I tried to record using the hardware. I usually get the message
after I try to record and it freezes on me 1/10 of a second into the recording.
Methods I’ve used to solve the problem:
Restarted computer. Check. Reset sample rate. Check. Reset bid-depth rate. Check. Opened Ur44 mixer and TOOLS and reset Audacity Bid and sample rate to match the bid and sample rate of that found in the Tools. Seriously guys I’m at the end of my rope here. Okay so then I reinstalled the Ur44 driver… Maybe that would work. No. Okay so Audacity is freezing on me like it can’t communicate to the Ur44, but when I open the Ur44 mixer and hit the first string on my instrument it goes up to 0 db just like it should… So the problem is in Audacity… Okay. Toggle Overdub. No change. Toggle software playthrough… no change… So what the hell… why is audacity displaying an error message that doesn’t resolve the problem it’s facing. Did I miss the boat and Ur44 just isn’t com[patible with this software? What is going on? Audacity’s still frozen… Guess I’ll apply another force quit! Oh forgot to mention along with bit-rate and sample-rate I also matched number of channels (it’s six channels) with audacity and my AI. These are the things that I’ve tried and I think I don’t have any other Ideas!


I see this note in the instructions:

Be sure to observe the following points when
connecting to the computer’s USB interface.
Failing to do so may result in the computer
freezing or shutting down, as well as corruption
or even loss of data. If the device or computer
does freeze, restart the application or computer.
• Be sure to wake the computer from
sleep/suspended/stand by mode before
making a connection to the computer’s USB
• Before turning on the power to the device,
connect the computer to the USB port.
• Before turning on/off the device or
plugging/unplugging the USB cable, quit any
open application software on the computer.
• When connecting or disconnecting the USB
cable, be sure to set all output level controls to
the minimum.
• Wait at least six seconds between connecting
or disconnecting the USB cable.

And this:

[CC MODE] switch
Turns the Class Compliant mode on and off. Make sure
to turn the [CC MODE] switch on when connecting the
device to an iPad. Also, make sure to turn the
[CC MODE] switch on before turning on the [P] switch. The Class Compliant mode will not change if the [CC MODE] switch is turned on after the [P] switch has been turned on.

Multi-channel is not easy. We published a (short) list of multi-channel devices that work out of the box in Audacity.

Complicated by Audacity has no provision to Play multi-channel, only record it under special circumstances. So if you’re set to route data both directions, that’s probably not going to work.

“Check bit-depth and sample rate”
That’s when Audacity has no idea at all what’s wrong and slightly over half users have sample rate or bit depth problems. So you’re in the half of millions of users that may not work.

Also, there’s the fuzzy problem of many computers won’t deal with 24-bit, 192 KHz sample rates. That produces a stunning amount of data all of it trying to be real time and smash itself down the USB cable.