Using TASCAM 16-08 interface with Audacity

I am trying to use a Tascam US-16x08 USB interface with Audacity but can’t get any signal. Any suggestions?

As a general rule, Audacity gets the signals after Windows does. So it’s your job to make sure you have the correct Windows drivers, interface software and setups.

You can have some very serious problems because the driver software has to explicitly say “Windows 10,” not just “Windows.” Windows 10 is not an upgrade. It’s a new operating system compared to the older ones and much of the older software doesn’t work any more.


Ok, thanks! I am looking into all of that now ; )

Ok, I got input 1 (xlr/mic) tracking from the tascam to audacity but cant get channel 9 (1/4’ instr) to work. I see signal on channel 9 in the tascam mixer but cant seem to record it in audacity. Is there some kind of setting I am missing in Audacity? Maybe the number of input settings somewhere? With channel 1 actually tracking through the interface I know it as least compatible with Audacity.

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Are you using the latest V1.04 drivers from

Try choosing Windows WASAPI host in Audacity’s Device Toolbar. How many recording channels are then offered in the end box in Device Toolbar? If you only see two channels, look in the Recording Device box of Device Toolbar for a Tascam device such as “multi” that will give you all the recording channels. You may then have to record 9 or even possibly 16 channels to record channels 1 and 9 at the same time.

If your Tascam only offers Device Toolbar devices for each pair of inputs, then you won’t be able to record channels 1 and 9 at the same time unless you compile Audacity with ASIO support. Or, you could try VB-CABLE to aggregate channels 1 and 9 if those appear as separate devices in Windows Sound.


When you are using a multichannel interface you are probably better off using a multichannel DAW (digital audio workstation) software than a basic audio editor like Audacity.

I found this on the TASCAM website:

No DAW recording software is included with the US-16x08. It is compatible with any major DAW recording applications such as SONAR, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Live, Digital Performer, FL Studio, Garage Band, and most others.