Using Reshow Super USB Cassette Capture

I am learning how to use this device to copy audio cassettes to my computer (Windows). I need help with naming the files. Can I transfer the whole album into one file and then name each track? Do I have to listen while I transfer in order to name each track? Any suggestions?

You’ll need to split the recording into separate files if you want separate names, separate metadata, or to select & play one track at a time.

There is a tutorial in the user manual for labeling the sections/songs and then using export multiple.

I do it differently… I select-highlight one song at at time, then File → Export Audio → Current Selection to export one song at a time.

When I’m done I usually use Mp3Tag to add or edit the metadata (including adding album artwork, which Audacity can’t do.

No. You can turn-down the playback volume. (But make sure you’ve selected the USB device as your recording device. If you choose a “loopback” option you’re capturing the sound coming out of the soundcard and the playback volume can affect the recording volume.)

Ok, thanks. I will try the tutorial. But, if I don’t listen while I transfer, how do I know when to stop recording each track?

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