Using ReplayGain

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I’m new to Audacty and this forum. Nice to meet you all.

My question is about using ReplayGain.
I have a large library of varying music files. Some are M4A, some FLAC but most are MP3 in various qualities from 112 to 320.
Their volume obviously varies and I hate changing volume for every song that is playing.
So I applied ReplayGain to all of my files as tracks (not album or auto) using Foobar 2000 on my Windows machine, hoping that would fix it to a level that it would not be so obvious and I wouldn’t have to adjust the volume all the time. It didn’t work.
Loud files are louder and less loud files are still playing in a very low, faint volume level that forces me to increase the volume all the time.

In my car, I use Pulsar because I like to drive using Android Auto, I enabled ReplayGain on Pulsar and it’s also not working well.
Regarding Pulsar, do I need to remove the ReplayGain data from the files and let it apply it based on its own calculations/algorithm?
How else can normalize all my files to play at a relatively close volume level so I don’t have to adjust it manually all the time?

Sorry if this doesn’t exactly fit the forum I’m writing it in, I just don’t know what else to do.

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I think that’s worth trying.
Let us know if that fixes it.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your reply.

I applied Track and Album (by tags) ReplayGains and set my player ReplayGain settings to “Auto” and it seems better, but I can’t give a conclusive answer yet as I didn’t have time to listen to enough music yet.

I will update in next few days.

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Okay, after a few days of using my player with the new settings, I can confirm that the volume level of all my music files is much better.
It is not 100%, but I found myself adjusting the volume much less then a week ago. I set my phone and my car radio to a certain volume each and let it go. Most songs I listened to so far play at a much closer level to each other now.

Thank you for your help.