Using Nintendo DSi Sound filters in Audacity.

I’ve had Audacity for years and because I’ve started messing about on my Nintendo DSi a lot more, I thought ‘why not edit sounds in Audacity using the same filters used in Nintendo DSi Sound?’, I’ve been searching for the Nintendo DSi Sound filters (the budgie is my favourite) on the internet, but I’ve had little success. Can anyone tell me if there are any filters like that for Audacity?

The AlienSolo plugin is capable of similar results …

The YouTube has some of the (dry) original voice mixed in to the processed version. IMO 100% wet is best here.

I tried to install AlienSolo on my computer, but I get this error:
AlienSolo error.png

The version I have is the demo version …
which I downloaded years ago.

It works* in Audacity 2-3-2 on Windows 8 …

''Alien Solo'' in Audcaity 232 on Windows 8.png
[ * demo version is crippled: presets only ]

Is there a full version of something like that? What if it has a time limit or trial period? If it has a time limit, a trial period, limited features and other shit involved in demos then I’m not using it, I won’t even try. Also, AlienSolo may not be an Audacity plugin, I think it’s a separate program.

The point of the demo is to see if you can get it to work, (e.g. in Audcaity),
before you part with money for the full version.
The demo version may be sufficient: no spoilers, no time limit, only presets which are not tweakable.

It looks as if the problem you encountered last year as well as your current issues have little to nothing to do with Audacity. You may be better off contacting the clone ensemble people directly.