Using mixers effects

I have a mackie fvp prox10 mixer, and run it through to my laptop running on windows 10. I can record fine, but if I want to use a voice effect it does not record with the effect on the track. Can someone run me through how to make it so I can record with the voice effects?

Normally you would record the signal clean (no effects), then make a backup copy, then add your effects. (Audacity has a lot of effects built in, and supports a wide range of additional plug-ins).

Also keep in mind that the mixer effects could be on the output path only, thus any recordings will be “dry”.
If that is indeed the case then, unless you take the main mixer outputs and feed those to the computer’s line in,
you ain’t gonna get those effects.
Just be careful with how you route outputs into your soundcard as there is always the potential for howl-round
if you create an input to output loop.

Can you not send the audio (with the effects) to an AUX output on the mixer and use that to feed your computer?

I have not looked at the datasheet for that specific mixer so it may or may not have AUX sends.

Just to be clear… You are recording from the Mixers’ USB port, from a microphone plugged-into the mixer, and it works. But when you enable one of the mixer’s effects, it kills the audio out of the USB port? But the audio with effects comes-out of an analog port?

…Usually on these “small USB mixers” the USB-out is a digital version of the analog mix.

So I am not sure just what an fvp mixer is, but I looked at a Block Diagram for the ProFX10v3 mixer on page 31 of the Mackie ProFX10v3 Owner’s Manual.

It clearly shows that the output for the USB bus is derived post-FX Level Faders and pre-Main Output Faders. However, if you are monitoring via headphones, depending on your switch settings, you could be monitoring the FX at full volume. So make sure you have your effects level turned up at least enough to show up in the MAIN output; otherwise you might hear it on the headphones but the USB port will never see it.