Using Midi Programs To Record On Audacity

I just bought Komplete 7 Elements and an Alesis q49 midi keyboard. The program works great, but I have a problem with recording on Audacity with it. Audacity records one track. When I go to layer another track over the old one, the new track re-records the old track. I have tried changing some different settings for inputs and outputs, and I have read up on this issue. The only thing I have found is that I would need another external sound card or an alternative input for my keyboard. I feel that there must be some other way to record more easily with just what I have. Once again, I am very new in using digital recording software so I may just be missing something. Do you have any suggestions or solutions to this problem?? Thanks!

MIDI isn’t music. MIDI is machine control. So you would have a sound connection from your keyboard to the sound card and – assuming your computer has a Stereo Line-In and not just a Mic-In – you would set up Audacity to record that.

What you did was set up Audacity to record Mix-Out or something similar which is the setting to capture YouTube or Internet Audio. You can’t do that. That setting gives you multiple recursive sound pathways – Sound on Sound whether you want it or not. Not a good thing.

There are no instructions to turn Mix-Out off. The best we can do is follow these instructions backwards.

If the MIDI system is playing the music using the internal MIDI interpreter in the computer, that’s a lot more fun. I don’t think you can do overdubbing with a system like that. There aren’t enough independent sound pathways.