Using LAME

I have Aud 2.3.0 and LAME on OS 14.

I have a valoin Cassette to MP3 Converter connected, and the instructions say to click the Record button in Aud, after I start the tape, but I cannot see the Record button in Aud.

Am I missing something?


Does Audacity look like the big picture on the front page of the manual:

Note that the picture is interactive. If you hover your mouse over the big square button with the red dot, you will see a “tool tip” appear that says “Record Button”. If you click on the image, it will take you to the section of the manual that relates to what you clicked on.

What is LAME, exactly?

It is what Audacity uses for encoding audio to MP3 format.
Unless you need to create MP3 files, it is not required.

If you do want to create MP3 files with Audacity, then it is required.
See: FAQ:Installation, Startup and Plugins - Audacity Manual