Using Label editor to move between labels in timeline

Using version 2.3.3

Is there a way to jump between labels in the timeline when I am in the label editor? I have read through the online manual, but I dont see a way to do this.

Thanks in advance for the help,

In the Label Editor, you can move from one label to the next using the up/down cursor keys.

Thank you for the response, Steve!
I really wish that I could post screenshots in here to help explain myself.

I know how to move between labels in the ‘Edit Labels’ dialog, but what I want to do is to jump to a given label in the timeline when I click on it in the ‘Edit Labels’ dialog. I have a lot of labels and it would be very helpful to be able to click on ‘Label 15’ in ‘Edit Labels’ and automatically jump to that label up in the timeline. I wouldn’t necessarily want that to happen automatically every time I click a label in ‘Edit Labels’, but maybe something like a CTRL-Click on that label in the editor would jump to the corresponding label up in the timeline.

Does that explanation make more sense?

Yes, I thought that might be what you meant. That’s a feature that Audacity doesn’t have. Why do you need it? Why not just tab through the labels in the normal track view rather than opening the Label Editor?

I guess it isnt really ‘needed’…I just thought it would be very convenient. I was not sure how others would find something like that.

Audacity seems to be a very good editor, though. I bought a Humble Bundle that contained Magix Sound Forge Pro 11, and that program is constantly locking up as I use it. Audacity doesnt lock up at all like that. I am still working with Sound Forge to see if I can make it work better, but for now, Audacity is very good.

As an addendum to my post from a couple of minutes ago…I didnt know that you could tab between labels in the timeline. That DOES work nicely, but I think that my suggestion would also be a good thing to include.