Using Headphones as main sound output on a MacBook Air iOS Sonoma 14.1.2

I can use headphones (Bose) with my MacBook Air with no problems at all, but when using Audacity the sound output reverts to the laptop’s speakers. How can I set Audacity or my MacBook Air so that I can work in Audacity via headphones ? Please help / advise.

You have “iOS” on your MacBook Air? How did you do this? So far, I have only seen Macs wiht macOS (i think from Version 11 and up) or MacOS (up to MacOS X 10.15).

This said, I need to ask whether you want to hear your recorded sound while recording, or you just want to play a previously recorded sound.

There are settings for sound output in your Mac’s system settings, and also in Audacity. I do not know which of them influences the other - but it works for me.