using guitar on laptop

Hi. I cant seem to use my guitar on my a amplifier. i am using windows 8 and have built in mike .i have tried everything but cant get no sound out .i have used my guitar on my old laptop with windows xp with no problem. can you help? Tom…

I presume that you want to play your guitar and hear it playing through the computer while you play?

That was usually easy to do on XP, but it is usually disabled on later versions of Windows. It may be possible to enable it in the Windows Sound Control Panel by selecting the “Listen to this device” option, but many modern Windows computers do not have that option.

If your computer does not have that option, then you may be able to get it to work with this software:
Please note, “Voicemeeter” is not supplied by Audacity, we do not provide support for Voicemeeter and I’ve not tried it myself - it is just a suggestion and I don’t know if it will do what you want.