Using Cubilux UCSTR-B3 USB A to SPDIF Input Output Adapter, 2-in-1 USB to TOSLINK Optical Transmitter Receiver with Audacity

I am trying to get a digital signal into my Mac Pro using Cubilux UCSTR-B3 USB A to SPDIF Input Output Adapter, USB to TOSLINK Optical Transmitter Receiver. Audacity recognizes the device, but it will not record using this. Is there a setting in the preferences for this? I have a 2013 Mac Pro, and I am using either High Sierra or Monterey. I actually got it work for about 1 hour using Monterey and Audacity 3.3.3, but can no longer get it to work. Audacity still works with my 2009 Mac Pro, but it has a digital input built in.

Windows guy here.

Yes; Tranport > Rescan Audio Devices, then Audio Setup > Recording Device. Also, Control access to the microphone on Mac - Apple Support

Thank you for your suggestions. I followed them in the order you suggested, and then repeated everything. . I still could not get it to work. Audacity recognizes the device, it allows me to select 24 bit/96kHz, but the sound never makes it into the recording. I even selected the device in Audio MIDI setup and set it to 24-96kHz. I have it plugged into the USB port directly on the computer (no hub). I am only using the input portion of the device, as the computer has a digital output.
I want to get a digital signal from my preamp to my computer. This was the only device I found that promised to do this. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

So have you tried 44100 or 48000 ?

I didn’t try other sample rates. I need 96kHz for maximum sound on my system. This company makes a device that works only at the lower sample rates, and therefore would not work for me. This is the 2nd unit I’ve tried. The first one worked for about 1 hour. This replacement unit appears not to work at all. I tried it with GarageBand and another recording software, with the same results…they recognized the device, but it did not record.! It cost just $30.00, so maybe the quality is not very good. It’s too bad, because a device like this is needed for current computers that do not have digital inputs and digital outputs.

I plan to return the item for a refund; not worth trying another replacement.

Do you know of any devices that will solve my problem? If not, I’ll go back to using my 2009 Mac Pro for recording needs.

I was able to get this device to work after all. There was some confusion as to which port was an input and which was an output. I saw 2 illustrations with different port indications. So I switched ports and the device appears to work. I can do 24 bit- 96kHz recording. I thought I had tried that, but either I hadn’t or the device just decided to work for now! This is the only device I know of that will handle a digital audio signal to and from a computer.
Thank you for your help.

Glad to hear it is now working.

I’m a longtime user of Audacity and have always found it to be a great tool for my audio recording needs. I’ve hit a snag that I could use some assistance with MEP. I purchased a USB microphone and I’m having trouble getting it to work properly in Audacity. The microphone is recognized by my computer, and I’ve made sure it’s selected as the input device in Audacity’s preferences. When I hit the record button, I’m not picking up any sound from the microphone.

Make you have given Audacity permission to use the microphone: Turn on app permissions for your microphone in Windows 10 - Microsoft Support.

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