Using bluetooth headphones

I’m running Windows 10 and Audicty 2.1.3.

I’m using bluetooth headphones (Avantree Audtion Pro). Normally, everything works just fine. Now, the sound keeps “swapping” between the headphones and the computer. I have removed the headphones several times, and re-paired them. Nothing seems to be working to resolve the issue. All drivers appear to be up-to-date.

Any ideas?


What are you doing? Why did you buy the headphones? Are you talking on Skype? Recording Games?


How long is it since you cold booted the computer? Windows button, Power button, hold SHIFT and click on “Shut down”.


Thanks, Koz and Gale,

I use the headphones for “on the road” audio editing (not gaming, music, etc.).

I’ve tried removing the headphones from the device (Surface Pro 4) and then re-pairing them.

I’ll try the cold re-boot.

UPDATE: For most of the day today, everything was working fine. Then, about 15 minutes ago, when I started the audio, it went to the headphones for about one second, and then shifted to the device. I powered down the headphones, then powered them up again. Same thing: one second over the phones, then shift to the device.