Using Audacity with Xonar Essence STX PCI-E Audio Card

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First of all I want to say I have been using Audacity for some time and have always liked it, it is easy to run and does exactly what I’d like it to do. I have, however, run into a problem. I have installed the Xonar Essence STX PCI-E Audio Card which works pretty good…on playback of older recordings I have done (I have quite a collection of 2 track open reel which I have been slowly converting to digital. However, when I try to record with this new sound card I cannot get a high enough level; I end up around -8 or -9 dB. maximum. That is with my tape recorder (ReVox A-77) turned up to well past where I’d like it to be and all the other sound level devices turned to the max. I have tried both my tape recorders a 2 track and 4 track and also my cassette machine and it’s the same lower level. I sure hope this is something I can correct as I really do like the “sound” of this card. Any ideas folks?

I appreciate any help as I’ve drawn blanks… I’ve updated my Windows 7 and have the latest Audacity, 2.1.0.

Thanks for any information you may have!

Gary H Phillips

A soundcard with that many talents and that much gold should have a driver or software suite, no? You didn’t mention that anywhere in your post.

Many sound devices default to low level because it’s safe. You can recover from low level. The first time you overload a sound channel, that’s the end of the show.

Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time, so if it’s recording slider is all the way up, that’s all we do.

What did Google think?


Just a longshot: Are you using the 5-pin DIN output on the Revox?

DIN line output is only just above mic output level. Could it be that you were using the mic inputs on your old card?

SOME later A77’s might have a higher output on the DIN socket.

Boy, I detect a bit of sour-chasm in that first sentence… :smiley:

When you say software suite or drivers would that be something I go into and change things around some to make the levels higher? Remember I use a computer I"m not really all that savvy with changing them and all that. If I know exactly what I need to do I will do it but I’m not good at going in and poking around till I do something right. Perhaps an email to the Xonar people…?

Still trying…