Using Audacity with NuMark Mix Deck Quad

We are trying to record using our laptop (Win8) and the NuMark Mix Quad Deck. I am having a problem with the microphone not picking up the sound from the deck. I have the Mix Deck plugged into the microphone jack on the laptop.

We should first find out if you’re playing anything out of the Mix Deck. Plug an RCA to RCA cable into the Master Out and jam your earbuds into the other end.

Play something and you should be able to just hear it in the earbuds. If there’s nothing there, then you’re either plugged into the wrong place on the mixer, or you’re running it wrong, or it may be broken. It’s full stop until you get this step to work.

After that works out, then plug the mixer Master Out into the Stereo Line-In of your soundcard, or a USB adapter such as the Behringer UCA-202. Please note that USB adapters like the Startech ICUSBAUDIO just duplicate the connections your laptop already has and you haven’t gained anything.

Mic-In doesn’t work. It’s mono, not stereo, and it distorts high volume music and you can’t stop it. You can activate it in the Windows Control Panels and then in the Audacity Device Tool Bar.

I think it’s in here: