Using Audacity with Dazzle Pinnacle

Like the title says. Dazzle’s audio choices kind of suck, there’s just nothing there. Downloaded Audacity, but haven’t found a way to edit my audio track (my voice, pre-recorded via Pinnacle). I assume this is possible, but lack the expertise. Any help appreciated.

In Pinnacle saves your work in a wacky format, you may need to install the FFMpeg software package to open it. FFMpeg’s job is to expand Audacity’s list of accepted formats.

Scroll down.


Forgive my computer illiteracy, but which one is the FFMpeg?

We sometimes don’t do this in the most straightforward way.

Scroll down until the fourth item in this panel. That will take you to the instructions for downloading and installing.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 7.14.06 PM.png

The most straightforward way IMO is to give the user the direct link to the FAQ: