Using Audacity with AI

I am looking for an AI program that will create for me backing tracks that include bass, drums, keyboards, or other instruments that match an existing mp3 file, which I will import from my hard drive. So far, I’ve looked at dozens of apps and downloaded trial versions, and looked at tons of YouTube videos, but none of them seem to have the capabilty to do this exact thing the way I want. So far, I’ve found nothing even close.

Does Audacity do this? Is it fairly intuitive to use, or is there a steep learning curve?

If you product does not do this, do you know of one that does?

Mostly I am finding various versions of DAWs that you need to compose backing tracks for, or programs like Moises that separate tracks so you can overlay or replace your own guitar and vocal parts, instead of using the ones in the source file. That’s not what I’m looking for.

What I want is for the AI to analyze the imported file, let me tell it what instrumentation I want, push a button, and then let the AI do its thing.

So far I am having no luck with this. It may be that AI is not advanced to this point as of yet.

Can you offer me some advice? Does such an AI-based program even exist that you know of? One that’s fairly easy to use? And works on a Mac?

Thanks for your help.

Jim Carruth

There is this tool from Google (requires signing in with a Google account): MusicFX

This fits the brief, but it’s Audacity on Windows …

Thanks Steve. I signed in to Music FX, and there was no way for me to import my voice and guitar track to let the AI add backing tracks too, so either I am misunderstanding what AI can do, my request is being misunderstood, the state of the art of AI isn’t quite there yet, or I haven’t found the AI program that can do this yet. Still looking, though.


I have downloaded a ton of Audacity installers, both old and new for my Mac. All of them, upon opening, get stuck on a progress bar 2/3rds the way through that says it’s verifying, and never gets past that point, so I never got to try Audacity for my project.

Either it’s me, or Audacity for Mac just doesn’t work. I’ve googled this error, and found quite a lot of other Mac users get it as well. I then tried their suggestions for solving this (which is to try earlier installers), and immediately get the verifying forever error again. So, although I don’t wish to give up, it seems that Audacity has given up on me. But I gave it a good try, though. Unless someone from this forum has a workaround for me, I will have to look elsewhere other than Audacity.

Currently the free OpenVINO AI plugins, (for music separation), is Audacity for Windows only.


Currently, only a Windows version is available for download. The project may be compiled on Linux and macOS, though no instructions are available for the latter yet.

Audacity ® | Introducing OpenVINO AI effects for Audacity #

I don’t speak Mac, but there are other stem separation plugins,
and websites which provide this type of service

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