Using Audacity to record a Twitch Stream

Hey folks:
Can somebody help me understand exactly what I need to do while listening to a broadcast posted by a streamer on
How do I use Audacity to record that broadcast?
I am using the most current version of Audacity.
I use Windows 10
I am using Microsoft Edge to access the Twitch website.
I log in using my Username and Password.
I start to listen to a Live Stream or a previous Broadcast,
and I want to be able to make my own recording of it.
How do I accomplish this?

I realize I can use a cassette tape recorder to just record what I hear while playing the broadcast on Twitch.
However, I’d like to be able to first have Audacity record the broadcast.
Then I want to save it on a Flash drive.

Why is this so hard to figure out?
Thank you

Hello folks:
I just posted this question recently.
After I did so, I went back to
I experimented. I just went to any Live Broadcast and started listening to it. I heard the audio in my laptop computer speakers. And I just wanted to see what would happen if I opened Audacity and starting recording what was being played through my laptop computer speakers. Guess what? It was being recorded in Audacity.
So, I guess I just answered my own original question.
I thought I’d have to do a whole lot more than what I just experimented doing.
I didn’t realize that Audacity will record what is being played through my laptop computer speakers.

I do not use Audacity daily or even frequently folks. I only have a need to use it occasionally. So, please forgive my lack of understanding.

I only have one other question regarding this matter. When the broadcast on is coming through rather low volume is there a way to increase the volume when the broadcast is being heard at 100% and my own speaker is at 100% in my task bar tray?

Thanks folks. I still think Audacity Rocks! What a great program.

Audacity will record what is being played through my laptop computer speakers.

It will only do it easily on some machines and some settings. There is an instruction panel for this.

the broadcast on is coming through rather low volume

Some configurations don’t allow volume changes during recording, but it’s easy to fix in Audacity later.

Select the whole show. Effect > Amplify… New Peak Amplitude (dB): -1 > OK. Ignore the top box setting.

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 5.52.38 PM.png

There are some possibilities of that not working right. Post back if the show volume doesn’t show a marked improvement after Amplify.


HI Koz:

Forgive me for being so confused.
When I went to work tonight, I thought about my volume problem. And I realized I may be able to solve the problem by connecting my independent simple microphone to my laptop computer, point the mic right above the speakers and hope to be able to record in Audacity. Well, failure. It doesn’t work properly. I’ll get something recording initially but then it flat lines.

In addition, I realized I have to allow the stream to kind of download into my laptop first to avoid the pauses during the stream itself.

Gee whiz, this stuff should be easy, but for me it is so over my head.

It is important to me to figure out how to copy a previous broadcast that was placed on Twitch in the recent past. I also do not want to notify the streamer because I have possible legal concerns regarding what they made available on their previous streaming broadcast. The streamer did something involving me without my knowledge or consent.

There’s got to be a way to do this. And, I’ve thought about just taping the broadcast on a cassette recorder then playing it into Audacity then transferring it to a 128GB Flash drive. That seems workable, but I sure wish I could eliminate the need to first use a cassette recorder.

If there is a way to get around this then I would very much appreciate exact Step-by-Step directions and instructions starting with: 1) Navigate to the previous broadcast on Twitch. 2) Allow the broadcast to fully transfer to your laptop computer. This will prevent pauses in time while listening to the full stream. Etc.

Thank you for your assistance. Again, I am not tech savvy about this kind of stuff. So, please understand.

By the way, I don’t use an Apple laptop computer. I use an HP Envy x360 Convertible 15-ed0xxx

Gee whiz, this stuff should be easy, but for me it is so over my head.

It’s not easy. Computers are not supposed to be doing any of these tricks. They only have two natural pathways. Record from a microphone or other interface, and play to speakers or headphones from a music player or internet. That’s the whole list. To record from the internet involves running both sound pathways at the same time and connecting them together. Since that allows you to record music you didn’t pay for, music companies are not particularly happy with making this easy.

Macs have no natural ability to do this and we get stuck with third party software products and other kludges. Windows does have some tools that can be used depending on your Windows version, configuration, and machine.

There’s another variation. Some products and services such as Skype and Zoom actively interfere with your ability to record because it messes up their product or service.

We do publish some techniques to record internet or streaming shows.

If that doesn’t work, then you’re right out of my ability to help. As above, I’m not an active Windows user.

I sure wish I could eliminate the need to first use a cassette recorder.

I’ve said loudly multiple times many sound problems would vanish if people would stop trying to do everything on one computer. My good quality recording of a Skype conversation was done with two computers, and my clear, technically correct audiobook audition was done with a stand-alone sound recorder. Not a computer.


The answer is much easier than you think. Audacity records streaming through the computer speakers. Just open the app while listening, and it will work. However, I recommend you try a different app. You’re not always gonna be able to listen through speakers. Plus that, it doesn’t work so well on Macs and can give errors depending on windows. I’m currently using [advertising removed], and I have nothing to complain about. But you do as you want. I hope you’ll figure out the problem with recording. I wish you good luck!