Using Audacity in conjunction with Laney IRT

Laney Ironheart IRT Studio Guitar Amplifier Head
This amp allows a feature known as “Re-Amping” in which you play a track once - the amps memory will retain the recording, and allow additional effects, etc to be added several times over, thus enhancing the track to the artists desire. It has USB for direct application to a DAW. Will Audacity support this product? Anyone not familiar with Laney products should visit: for better understanding of exactly how this amp interfaces with PC, and subsequently, whatever DAW the user prefers, prior to comments here.

The amp probably uses generic USB audio drivers, in which case it should work with Audacity.
The product documentation also says:

Record out via USB
To run into iPad or iPad mini connect via a Camera USB adaptor, PC/MAC connects via standard A-B USB cable, for use with the likes of Garage Band, > Audacity> , MixPad Audio Mixer, ProTools and similar. It should be noted that the audio output of an iPad or iPad mini is disengaged and returned via the USB. This can be picked up via a rear panel monitor switch on the amplifier headphones in stereo, or if required, routed into a PA system/powered cabinets.

D.I. remains directly after the amplifier cabinet emulation but has a switch to enable a non-emulated output for post digital cabinet emulation etc. A level control feeds headphones/line out which are permanently emulated.

(emphasis mine)
Note that Audacity has no business relationship with Laney. If you require product support for this amp you need to address Laney directly.

Roger that - I appreciate the qwik response - things SHOULD be fine actually, because I will be running the guitar directly into the amp; from there, in-line into my EQ, which in turn will feed direct into my mixer/recorder. The recorder itself then creates the .WAV files, which I have been running thru Audacity for my edits since I began recording in 2010. Any re-amping done will be happening before I get to the USB part of the session (hopefully). The amp arrives in two days - once here, I will of course be able to know a lot more on what my options are, in terms of what goes where, etc. Thanx!