Using Audacity in a company secure !!!

I have couple question. If you could answer I would appreciate it. I searched Audacity in internet and found below

  • Unclear whether this product encrypts all data in transit.
  • Unclear whether all data are stored in an encrypted format.
  • Unclear whether this product provides notice in the event of a data breach."

Does that mean that ahe app is not safe enough to use in a company?

If you are concerned about data security:

  1. Disable Update checking (Preferences > Application > Check for updates).
  2. Do not enable “mod-script-pipe” in “Preferences > Modules” (it is disabled by default).
  3. If Audacity asks if you want to send an error report, decline.
  4. Don’t save to the cloud.

With those measures, Audacity will run entirely locally and no data will be shared.

If you want to be absolutely sure that Audacity does not go on line ever, you could also configure your corporate firewall to block Audacity.

Regarding on-line data storage with the “Save to cloud” option, see: