Using audacity for audio to text transcription

Hello I’m trying to use audacity for audio to text transcription
I’ve used this tutorial to use it
But the window of the preferences settings on my mac is different from one on the video, I think especially because it’s in French
Not sure what the “use enhanced dictation” corresponds to in my settings menu
Otherwise, I have downloaded soundflower and downloaded audacity.
Doesn’t seem to be working.
Can somebody help me please?

The instructions seem perfectly clear to me.

If you are not on Mavericks or Yosemite then Advanced Dictation is not available. Text will not appear as you speak and you will have to be online.

If you cannot read French easily, you can change the language to English in Mac System Preferences.

If you need more help, I suggest you say what version of OS X and Audacity you have.