Using Audacity for a voiceover in a PowerPoint presentation.

Windows 10
Audacity 2.4.2

I am trying to do a voiceover on a PowerPoint presentation. I did not have any apparent problems recording, saving or exporting the audio, nor did I have any apparent problem importing it to my PowerPoint deck. The voiceover recording process in Ppt. seemed to go smoothly but when I watched the (.wav) movie file there were A LOT of skips, repetitions, and omissions in the audio. What am I doing wrong?


Does you exported file play OK in your usual media player?

Yes. I exported an MP3 copy and a wav copy and they both play fine in my media player. I am a beginner user with Audacity so any help would really be appreciated!

You may be a beginner with Audacity, but you appear to have managed that part perfectly.

Audio skipping in Powerpoint is a common problem (unrelated to Audacity). I don’t use Powerpoint myself, but this tip about “optimizing audio” looks like a good tip: How to Fix Audio Playback Issues in PowerPoint Presentations

Thanks Steve, I will check it out.

Optimizing the media file in PowerPoint worked, thanks again Steve!