Using Audacity Effects Live on Skype and Zoom Live

I’m a Musician using Audacity 2.4.2 Effects on Backing Tracks, making them sound huge and clear and for recording my Mic on Youtube. I also use my Mic for lessons and discussions on Skype and Zoom. I would love to use the same effects I use to record a Mic on a Live Mic in Skype and Zoom. I understand it may be possible by loading a VST file but have no idea WHICH file to use and HOW to use it. I can load a VST and enable it but I understand you may also need virtual cables, etc.

Is anyone doing this? Can anyone explain if it CAN be done and HOW to do it?

Audacity doesn’t apply recording corrections, filters, or effcts in real time.

Audacity doesn’t get along well with Skype or Zoom. Audacity doesn’t “know” about other sound applications and Zoom knows, but doesn’t tolerate anybody else. It’s not a good marriage.

That’s why the best way to record a Zoom call is to let Zoom do it—or use two computers and fancy interfaces. Whatever you want to do to your voice or other sound on a Zoom call has to happen in your microphone system before the Zoom computer.