using Audacity as external editor in Ableton Live


I’m sure this has been asked before, but I really can’t find it, I’m sorry. My problem is: I would love to use Audacity as external audio editor in Ableton Live 9. Loading a sample works fine, but simply saving the processed sample with one keystroke seems not possible - it looks like I have to export the audio, specify file format and then in the file selector a directory pops up which is not the directory from which I loaded he sound file, so I have to look that up by hand. Not exactly a pleasant or efficient workflow. I’m sure there is another way to simply load and save a sound file. Does anyone has an idea?

Many thanks in advance and kind regards,

Not exactly a pleasant or efficient workflow.

It’s a common complaint, yes.

Audacity is not a WAV editor. It’s a sound editor and it will not Save an audio file. It saves Projects. Once you get a Project to sound as you want, then you Export an audio file. So no, it doesn’t lend itself to automation or easy integration with other programs.

Another point. The show inside Audacity isn’t the same as the show outside. Audacity has its own internal very high quality sound format required for some of the effects and filters. That’s also the reason Audacity doesn’t have a Clip INFO tool. It has no idea what your original clip was and can only guess at what it’s going to be.


Thank you for your clear answer, Koz, that makes sense.
I guess another easy workflow is to record and export my samples with Audacity (it’s great software and I haven’t found anything better so far) and import and warp them in Live.

You can go whichever direction you want, but know there’s going to be a sharp divide. Also, do everything in uncompressed WAV (Microsoft), not MP3. MP3 causes sound damage…and it gets worse as you edit.