using Audacity 2.3.2 to create a three hour radio show

What I need is to be able to create one file made up of several audio files and spoken word audio while keeping the metadata for each song used I want to use files ripped from CDs in ITunes. Is this possible?

No. We can manage the sound show (although I would do it in one-hour chunks rather than one three hour file). I’m more than even sure logging and metadata is not available.

Someone will argue with me.

Some of that can be done with timeline Labels …

… but that needs to be done manually (edit the final show or stop the show periodically as you put the labels in by hand)

You can’t ever export the show (WAV or MP3) outside of Audacity Projects without losing all the information. Audacity Projects make terrible archives and backups. Audacity Projects will only open and play in Audacity.


Another option would be keep separate files and make a playlist for whatever player/DJ/radio software you’re running.