Using a external USB soundcard to record on Macbook

Hey guys, I’m new here and I just need some help with using Audacity and my external USB soundcard, this is the one I’m using:

I’m using a Macbook Pro without a build in microphone input and I want to record with Audacity to digitalize my Vinyl records using my Pioneer DJM-800 DJ mixer. For that I use a Red/White cable to mini jack from the mixer’s recording output. The mini jack plug goes in the microphone input on the external USB soundcard that I’m using. Now that I plug in the USB soundcard to my Macbook, Audacity automatically recognizing the soundcard so I have that one selected. Now that I press record and playing some audio, Audacity doesn’t giving any signal from audio signs, it stays at one straight line when recording.

Now when I go to my audio settings on my Macbook Pro, I see that my laptop is recognizing the sound that I’m playing that I wanna record so there is no malfunction to my soundcard, it seems that this USB soundcard is unsuitable for working with Audacity. I also checked my Audacity preferences and everything seems fine. Is there somebody over here that experienced the same problem as I have? I haven’t tested it out on a Windows computer so far so I don’t know if this issue won’t work because of my Macbook.

Hope somebody can help me out. :slight_smile:

That’s the wrong USB adapter. That one likely provides mono, super sensitive, microphone input and stereo headphone output. It’s designed to replace a Windows laptop sound connections.

You want a bi-directional, stereo, USB adapter such as the Behringer UCA-202.

This is mine connected to my sound mixer.

It works with either Mac or Windows.

That’s the setup for overdubbing. Use your headphones in place of my earbuds. You can monitor sound both directions at once.