Using a blue microphone, USB blue icicle, and a MacBook pro

Im trying to record some audio tracks over some instrumentals. But i want to hear my voice while I’m recording in the best quality possible using the equipment i have. How do i adjust my microphone to where it sounds legit enough to start recording on audacity?

I read that four times and I can’t make out the question. You want to record your voice very well?

Most home recordings die because of Home Noises like the refrigerator compressor or dogs barking or cars going by. If that doesn’t kill you, then Room Echoes will.

You can’t fix anyof those problems in post production with filters or effects. Once you mess that up, you’re dead. You can’t Clean It Up later.

You need to make a studio. I know people that record their voice in a stuffed coat closet and that works very well. I’ve been known to record in a bedroom with heavy rugs and the equipment on the bed. I know somebody who records voice tracks with a directional microphone in his car (it comes out way better than you think). If I can’t get a quiet room (or studio), then I make one with furniture moving pads.

It’s never the microphone. Most microphones do a terrific job if you treat them gently. I did an OK voice track with a laptop microphone in a quiet room. The only microphones that can give you trouble are the communications or Skype microphones which are not built for singing.

I lucked out. One of the people that used to own my house played drums and the third bedroom has soundproofing.

So that’s how to do it. Once you get the quiet room, we can talk you past any other problems you have.


@ Koz. I think Zaragoza is asking for (low latency) monitoring of the microphone. I don’t use Macs so I don’t know if that is possible. As far as I’m aware the Blue Icicle does not have a headphone socket so zero latency monitoring is out.

True. I’ve never been able to do that on any Mac.