Use Wireless Earphones in wired or Wireless mode?

I believe Santa is going to be really nice to me this year and bring a pair of WH1000XM2 headphones to me. He must like old retired engineers… .

These come with a cord, I believe. Should it be used or should the headphones be used in wireless mode?

I am returning after many years to this new Audacity and will be recording LPs. I suspect I will have a LOT of clicks to fix and would like to know if one mode will be preferable for this purpose.

All opinions welcome but if you actually have done some comparisons, please do mention that.

You may find this suggested workflow from the Audacity Manual useful:

For click&pop[ removal: I started out doing this by had with the draw tool (extremely hard work), progressed to using Audacity’s Repair tool when that appeared (very hard work) - and then I got a steer from Koz that led me to using Brian Davies’ excellent ClickRepair app. It cost a little, but it saved me huge amounts of time - and produced excellent results. See this sticky thread:


Thanks for the link.

Looks like I will have to part with a few dollars in order to save some effort and time. The sticky post has some suggested settings I will try. Much appreciated. I also appreciated the insight into the settings about monitoring choices. I will likely try them all until I see how it works. Also, the recommended workflow ought to save me some time and trouble.

Very helpful folks on this forum!

I would still welcome any comments on using the earphones in wired vs wireless mode. Not everyone has this model of phones of course so I don’t expect tons of replies.

My vote is wired. Audacity is not comfortable with external networks, some external drives and wireless connections of any sort.

If for no other good reason, converting into and out of digital can cause delays and I’m betting wireless headphones will not allow you to listen to yourself. Probably the worst thing to happen is the connection causes problems sometimes.

Quality control monitoring should be the highest quality and most stable you can get.

After you’re comfortable with the system and know exactly how it works, you can slide the wireless headphones into the mix and see how they work.



That does make sense. And, if I get a mic with a headphone jack, I’d have to use wired mode then anyway.

Those settings are the ones I settled on when I was transcribing my LPs - I found them better that Brian’s default settings (and hence why I wrote them up in that thread ).

Have fun with your transcription project.