Use the Behringer MicroMon MA400 as a 'mixer'

Hey there,

Hopefully this is the right place to share this.

But I’ve found a way to use the behringer Micromon as a sort of mixer, I’m new to audio equipment so I’m not even sure if that is the correct way to put it.

This also may be common knowledge, but it blew my mind when it actually worked!

So what I’m doing is sending my microphone through phantom power into the MA400 then, instead of using the “Mic Thru”, I’m just using the 3.5mm headphone port into the MIC input on a cheap usb soundcard…and it actually works. If you plug in the monitor like you normally would, you can monitor your voice (as it sounds to the mic, which is NOT the case with the normal setup) and raise and lower the volume with the “Mic Level” knob and the “Mon Level” knob adjusts the computer volume.

NOTE: Depending on the final setup, this way of recording does introduce SOME noise. I had a terrible buzz until I moved the mic input from the one built into my laptop to the USB soundcard. However there is still some noise, you may be able to fix this with the “GND LFT” button on the MA400. Luckily the noise introduced for me (at normal recording levels) is something I can work with and get rid of.

I’m partially posting this odd event to share the knowledge should it help someone to achieve a cheap setup, or someone who already has one. But I also would like some help with it.
Currently when I record with Audacity it’s recording the mic as I want…but it also mixes in the computer sounds on the same channel. I’m pretty sure I understand why, but I’m searching for a way to fix it.
Maybe my XLR to 3.5mm in the “Mic Thru” port? But I haven’t gotten anything to change so I’m not sure what to try next (if it’s even possible to take the PC sound away from the recording).

To attempt to show the setup more clearly:

Mic > Phantom Power > MA400 “Mic Input” > MA400 3.5mm Out > USB Soundcard Mic Input
This makes the mic work with the “Mic Level” knob

USB Soundcard Headphone Output > Monitor Input > MA400 Second Headphone Output > Headphones
This works just like it should. You can adjust the PC sound via the “Mon Level” knob

If I understand what you did correctly, the Behringer is not actually doing any mixing, your sound card is. You are using the Behringer as a Mic Preamp, a task for which is is probably reasonably suited.

PS: If those underlined bits at the bottom of your post were supposed to be links, they aren’t working.

Having looked up a mic preamp, that makes more sense than a mixer. I’m still really new to audio tech so I didn’t really get what a preamp was.

However I’m still looking for a solution to the PC audio being mixed in with the mic audio while I record. I’m convinced there’s a solution…I just don’t know enough to work it out.

Also, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to make the underlined text look like a link. It was supposed to be a way to separate the two bits of text with the arrows, it looked odd without a separation of some kind.