Use or not use Noise reduction

Hi Audacity forum,

I have used Audacity for a year now and am learning the effects for audio. Currently I am looking at which ones to use in an effects chain. There is much I have seen about noise reduction. I have read that it shouldn’t be used at all because it affects the persons voice. One suggestion I saw was to use it but use the settings 6, 6, 6 to get the least amount of damage on the voice (my noise floor isn’t that bad right now but could be lower.) I have also seen how to use NR is to sample the room tone in the recording and use that to reduce the noise in the file (I would use the settings 6, 6, 6 for this.) Recently I saw a demonstration to reduce breaths take the loudest breath and do a noise reduction effect with that. What is recommended?

You CAN get artifacts with noise reduction and sometimes “the cure is worse than the disease”, especially if the noise is bad.

Noise works best when you have a tiny-constant background noise and you don’t really need it.

So it’s usually just something you have to try to see if makes things better.

I would guess that’s too much noise reduction and it’s going to damage the sound.

Breathing is natural, of course, but if it’s too loud and distracting the best solution is probably to use the Envelope Tool to “fade down” the breath sounds one-by-one.

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