use of Audacity from command line

Hi Team,

I want to use Audacity feature from command line instead of using GUI. Is there any way to use this from command line(just line Sox command) so i can automate some of my process.

Pls help


Command line functionality in the shipped version of Audacity is extremely limited.

The only current command-line functions are that you can open audio files or Audacity project files (including multiple files) by passing them as arguments, for example:

$  audacity file1.aiff file2.wav file3.ogg

The following options are also supported:

display a brief list of command line options.

display the Audacity version number.

run “Benchmark” diagnostics tests.

set the Audacity blocksize for writing files to disk of nnn bytes.

Some actions may be partly automated by using “Chains”:

Additional automation may be available by using a third party application such as “AutoKey”.

If you build Audacity from the source code there is experimental scripting support that can be enabled: