Good evening I have been audacity for many years but only for recordings and song exports. I have to remove the peak of hissing from some unregistered tracks. I do not mean effects and I’m really a beginner. I have the LISP and SPITFISH plugins but I do not know how to use them. What should I do? On the audacity home I have the song … how do I have to start?

Try here:

Thank you. But I have to understand from the beginning how to use the plugin in front of the song imported on audacity as a new track.

I’m not sure what you are asking.
Have you installed the plug-ins? Do they appear in the Audacity Effect menu?

I have to remove the peak of hissing from some unregistered tracks.

I’m not sure what that means, but if you think it will help you can [u]attach a short sample[/u] so we can listen.

I do not mean effects and I’m really a beginner.

In audacity, just about anything the affects or processes the audio is an “effect”. Noise Reduction is an effect, etc.

I have the LISP and SPITFISH plugins but I do not know how to use them.

I’ve never used them and I only know of LISP as a programming language. Are you sure they are compatible with Audacity? It’s best to try Audacity’s built-in or optional effects/plug-ins first.

Then if you can’t get good results, you can experiment with 3rd-party plug-ins. 3rd-party plug-ins can be hit-or-miss unless they specifically support Audacity (or other “host” application). Most commercial plug-ins will have a list of supported hosts but most don’t officially support Audacity because if don’t pay for your audio editor you’re probably not going to pay for a plug-in. With free plug-ins you’re usually on your own.

There’s a free De-Esser VST plugin called LISP …
The LISP VST does work in Audacity , but it’s a bit idiosyncratic.

I thank everyone and explain better what I need by saying that I do not know English well. I use the translator and therefore can not write perfect words for what is my need.
I use audacity for years but only with “simple” effects … I have never used more complex effects that can change the sounds and the song.
I have easily loaded between the effects of the LISP and SPITFISH puglins that are in the list.
At this point i am adding the song as a new project so i see it in its extension on the display. Select the affected part of the sibilants to reduce and then activate one of the effects menus (LISP or SPITFISH). From that point on, I do not know what I have to do because I’m not familiar with frequencies etc … I’m a beginner.
So I ask for help … thanks

Suggested settings for SPITFISH De-Esser.png
Suggested settings for LISP De-Esser.png

Thanks Trebor … in fact I can see these two effects! At this point how do i use them to modify parts of the song with hissing … what exactly should I do?

You can’t expect us to fix your files for you. It will be better for you if you learn how to use those effects. Steve showed you how to do that if you want to look at videos.

Or, Spitfish and Lisp both have a manual you can read for how to use the effects.

Or, learn by experience. You can press the Play button in the effect and move the effect controls to hear how it affects the audio.


DeEssers , (like LISP & SpitFish) , are to reduce sibilance in speech, so should only be applied to vocals tracks, (no musical instruments).

If the problem is constant hissing noise, (rather than excessive sibilance), the tool you need is noise reduction , (not de-essing).

Thank you. I did not find the user manual or at least a simple guide. I only found the description of the individual commands for LISP.

Neither Lisp or Spitfish are our products. We do not have manuals for them and are not able to offer technical support for them. We do provide a manual and technical support for Audacity, but not for third party products.