use lame MP3 encoder with other software?

I want to install a dictation s.ware for a friend & need a lame encoder for her. Will this work if she doesn’t have audacity? I know there are other freewares but want one I can trust. Thanks!

Can’t you use lame by itself? It’s a stand-alone program. I don’t know how it works on modern Windows, but I remember I used it on earlier Windows without Audacity.

Audacity may not be the best thing to use just to make an MP3 file. Audacity Exports always have a bit of noise added to them unless you go to extra effort. It may not be worth it.


Check first if they have Audacity. If they have, then check that their Audacity is up to date (current version is 2.0.3 - look in “Help > About Audacity” for the version number) then follow these instructions:

If they don’t have Audacity and don’t want Audacity installed, then LameDropXPD works well on Windows as a stand-alone version of LAME.
It is available here:
I’d suggest going for the first version (LameDropXPd v3.1 based on LAME 3.99.5) on that page “Download (520kB)”

Disclaimer: LameDropXPD is not our product and we don’t provide support for it.
Having said that, I’ve personally used many versions of LameDropXPD and found it very easy to use - All of the options are accessed by right clicking on the (very small) application window. Files to be encoded are simply drag and drop onto the LameDropXPD icon or application window.

OK thank you!