Use exported MP3 to go back and recreate Aud file?

I record books for kids who have reading disability. I accidentally saved an Audacity file of a chapter of a book using the same name as the previous chapter. Unfortunately, Audacity doesn’t ask if you are sure you want to save with the same name, and now, in the Audacity folder, Chapter 20 and Chapter 21 are the same; however, I exported it correctly to MP3. Is there a way to go back and use the MP3 file to recreate the Audacity file? Or do I need to re-read the very long chapter? :frowning: Thank you for your help.

You will have lost a bit of sound quality by using the MP3 (MP3 files are always lower sound quality than the original), but hopefully that won’t be too noticeable.

All you need to do is to open Audacity (new empty project, then Import the MP3 file (File menu > Import > Audio).

Thank you so much!

Please see the pink panel at the top of the page. If you are using the Audacity 2.1.0 version from then there should be a message box saying that you can’t overwrite an existing project. It’s a feature omission that we don’t allow overwrite at all - ideally we would allow overwrite with a warning, but there are problems in our code that prevent us doing that safely.

If you can overwrite another project in 2.1.0 please give us exact steps to how to reproduce the problem.


I have v.2.0.5. You don’t refer to that version, so I assume it falls into the “can’t overwrite” bucket. But in case you are interested, to overwrite, all I did was “Save Project As” and name it the same as one already there.

The behaviour has not changed since 2.0.5 to my knowledge, but might you have a fake / spoof version of Audacity? I cannot overwrite an existing project in our current code.

Please obtain 2.1.0 from us and let us know if you can overwrite another project and tell us exactly how you did it. I’ve tried typing the file name, pasting it in, and selecting the existing file in the save window.