Use Audacity to create Guitar tab

I am trying to create a tab for one of my favourite tracks is it possible to analyse a track at the individual note level to work out what is being played?

Mike Duffy

Probably not, or at least not easily… :frowning:

Plot Spectrum can help you with the note if you have one note at a time, although harmonics & overtones can make it tricky (1) and it would be very time consuming.

Chords get trickier and multiple instruments at the same time make it even more difficult.

Melodyne (not free) might be able to do it, or you can search for “audio to MIDI”.

Or… If it’s a popular track maybe you can find the sheet music (or tabs) online or maybe you can find a MIDI version and then get some MIDI software to analyze the MIDI information,

(1) A plucked guitar string tends to become more “pure” as it decays-out.

Appreciate the info. Ta very much.