USB tape to MP3 converter

Hi everyone,

new here, new in audacity, new in recording anything.

Got this tape to mp3 converter which comes with audacity to rip songs.

Trying to see how this thing works and I’m stuck in the very beginning. I’m following the guidelines and stumbled in

Double click “Audacity”icon on your desktop.
Please click “Edit”key on the software panel, and select “Preferences”.
Please set recording device to be “USB Audio Device”, and channels to “2(Stereo)”. And select “Software Play
through (Play new track while recording it)”

Problem is I don’t see the USB Audio Device anywhere, drivers are installed, everything appears normal elsewhere, but I don’t get the USB Audio Decice in Audacity in order to procceed.

Any clues?

PS. Went through a few pages and saw nothing similar, totally newbie, don’t slap.

It is often best to disregard the instructions that come with USB converters. We do not write them.

As it says in the pink panel at the top of this page, look at Help > About Audacity… and check your version of Audacity. If it does not say 2.1.0 (all three numbers), uninstall that version and get the current 2.1.0 from

Then follow along with this tutorial Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks - Audacity Manual.

If you plugged the converter in after launching Audacity, use Transport > Rescan Audio Devices from the menu at the top of the Audacity window. Then you should see the USB Audio Device (it may be called something else with “USB” in the title) in both device boxes in Device Toolbar. Choose the USB device only for recording device. Choose your speakers or headphones for the playback device.


Splendid, thanks Gale got it working!