usb Scarlet audio device not working with Audacity

I have recently started using an Imac for recording sermons at church. We used a windows PC before with Audacity, however it locked up alot. With Garageband the usb Scarlet device works, however Garageband is cumbersome to use. I can see the usb scarlet device in Audacity and have it selected and also have levels set. When i try to record, i get nothing. Any ideas?

You get a flat line recording, or the recording cursor doesn’t move?

Do you get the bouncing blue ball sound meter in the Mac?
Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input.

If you don’t get it there, then the Mac isn’t seeing the device. Audacity will only record from devices that the computer can see.

Also check Go > Utilities > Audio MIDI setup. As a starting point, set everything to 44100, 16-bit Stereo. That’s a good generic setting for most sound devices.


Do you get the blue waves and bouncing red recording meter in Audacity? Make sure your Audacity playback is set for your speakers or headphones.


If you need more help after that, are you using the latest Audacity 2.0.5 from ? You should always give your Audacity version and version of OS X - please see the pink panel at the top of the page.

What is the exact model number of the Scarlet?

To amplify Koz’s point, external audio devices should have their sample rates matched everywhere. Set the Audacity project rate bottom left to 44100 Hz, set that same rate in Scarlett (if settable) and select Scarlet and set 44100 Hz 16-bit 2 ch in Audio MIDI Setup.


To amplify Koz’s point,

Effect > Amplify

The question is should we allow Koz’s point to be clipped?


Only if broad strokes are required.