usb midi recording

i have recently purchased a yamaha psri455. this comes with a usb midi option. i have tried connecting it to the computer using a usb-midi cable and downloaded the wmd from yamaha website, but have not been able to record and not even see an option of the keyboard in the recording device list. i am not trying to record midi signals, i want audio recording only. i am aware audacity cannot record midi signals.

If you push on the keys it does make sound, right?

Get adapters between the keyboard stereo-line out (or headphone out) and your computer. If your computer has no stereo line-in like a windows laptop, then you’re into a USB adapter such as the UCA202 that I use.

Yamaha psri455 That’s a cousin to the PSR240 keyboard that I have. It only had a headphone connection. Unless it specifically says so, the only thing that goes down the USB connection is MIDI communications. Some keyboards do USB sound now, so consult your instructions.

Also remember that Audacity checks for USB audio connections when it starts, so start Audacity last.