USB mic loud white noise

Here we go guys.
I have 2 mics, one is a mic from some cheap headset that have a jack plug, u can hear some white noise but only when recording silence.

I also have an USB condenser mic for recording on YT but unfortunately it creates loud white noise that u can hear even if I put some background music on it.

Here is a sample

Normally I would blame mic as it wasn’t expensive but I also have ps4 in other room and I tried to record a video using this mic, it appears that audio when using with ps4 is pretty much spotless.

What have I done so far to try solve the problem but to no avail:

  • plugged mic in every USB port I have, no difference.
  • bought external USB hub with main power, nothing.
  • moved mic around as far as cable let me, no.


One thing you have not done is tell us what the USB mic is.


You must be doing something wrong. That sound file has a -76dB noise level and easily passes AudioBook noise specifications. If you post something again, post some voice along with it.

It’s possible not that your noise is too high, but your voice is way too low.


Thanks that make sense, I will record something in the evening as soon as I come back from work.

As to my USB it is a new company just starting that’s why I didn’t bother to write a model but company is called klimtechs and the mic Klim Voice, u can find it or Amazon.

I spoke to them and they said while the mic does not have any noise reduction built in it shouldn’t produce such noise so they sent me a replacement but it’s exactly the same, that’s why I ended up here :slight_smile:

Ok so im back there is a sample.

As koz predicted, the recording level is way too low. Try getting closer, much closer to the mic, like about 2 cm between your mouth and the foam ball.

For best recording level, the Audacity gradient sound meters should occasionally peak up to about -6dB, the yellow region (You may have one or two blue waves).

This can be rough for USB microphones because almost all of them record low volume because that keeps the most people out of trouble most of the time.

Low volume can be very difficult when you start cranking out theatrical or entertainment work.

“I can hit loudness, but I can’t get good noise at the same time.”


I can force the test clip to pass technical quality standards, but it would never pass voice quality. Every time you take a breath or pause it sounds like a bad cellphone—talking into a milk jug.

You said it doesn’t have noise processing. The information says it does.

Uses a patented audio filter to cancel out the outside noises,

It also says it has a volume control but doesn’t say exactly how to use it. I assume it’s in the instructions. It doesn’t matter where the volume controls are set. It’s your job to put them wherever they need to be so your voice is loud enough on the Audacity sound meter. It’s not unusual for USB microphones to run all the way up.

The sound meters on Audacity 2.1.2 have two different displays. You want the gradient display for the recording meter. Right-Click or Control-Click the meter and select Gradient. That’s the one that starts turning yellow when your occasional peaks are just about right. They get orange and then red when you’re too high.

The spacing between your lips and the microphone should be approximately Hawaiian Shaka.
Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 6.41.50 PM.png
So if you’re trying to speak from across the room, that’s not going to work.